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There are coated bolts out there that offer some level of corrosion protection. Then there’s TuffCor – a Dan-Loc Group innovation that raises the standard for corrosion resistance. TuffCor bolts are engineered to survive corrosive environments that readily destroy commodity bolts, and even “premium” coated bolts.

With the productivity demands you face, dealing with all the maintenance required by standard coated bolts is the last thing you want weighing on your mind, and on your schedule. We couldn’t agree more. That’s the reason we created TuffCor. It’s specially engineered to resist corrosion and delay routine maintenance for much longer periods than other bolts allow. In an industry that’s defined by the term “time is money” a product like this doesn’t just bolt up your structure, it tightens up your operation.


In an independent test simulating offshore conditions common to operating in the Gulf of Mexico, TuffCor went up against a range of commonly specified bolts. TuffCor barely showed a blemish at 5,000 hours. The other bolts didn’t even come close. LOW MAINTENANCE IS BEAUTIFUL.

TuffCor bolts look good – on your worksite and on your maintenance records. There’s no rust bleed that you have to constantly paint over, so your site maintains a cleaner appearance on its own, freeing your maintenance crew for other tasks. Superior corrosion resistance also keeps the threads clean and smooth. Even after long installed periods, the nuts break out fast and easy without excessive torque or cutting. So you’re not faced with firing up a torch in places where flames really shouldn’t be. All in all, your crews gain efficiency and safety, while you lower your maintenance costs. Those are all beautiful things.


When you specify bolts, specify your desire to save time and money. Go with the one bolt that has proven its superiority in the test lab and in the real world. That’s TuffCor from Dan-Loc Group.