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Fully threaded studs, also known as continuous threaded studs or all thread studs, are designed for use in applications that entail high tension. All thread studs are ideal in high tension operations because the threaded design prevents slip and ensures the tightest possible fit. Available in a wide variety of materials, continuous threaded studs can be used in both industrial and commercial applications. Dan-Loc Group fully threaded studs are available with both right hand and left hand thread directions to comply with any application.


  • Diameter size range: 1/2” – 4” in diameter (Smaller diameters available upon customer request).
  • Threads are to a Class 2A fit.
  • Note: Threads shall be Unified National Coarse series for 1″ diameter and smaller and 8 thread series for 1-1/8″ diameter and larger.
  • Length – ASME B16.5 “Steel Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings” specifies bolt lengths from first thread to first thread and the end points must be added to obtain overall end to end length (L).
  • Tolerance – Tolerance on bolt stud lengths for lengths 12″ and under shall be ±1/16″; for lengths 12″ to 18″, ±1/8″; and for lengths over 18″, ±1/4″.
  • When ordering, please specify: 1) Diameter (D) 2) Length (L)* *End-to-end dimension. (If first thread to first thread is required, order must specify).
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