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Dan-Loc Group offers quick turnaround solutions to your custom bolt requirements. Whether you need bolts in exotic materials, large diameters, non-standard lengths, or other custom designs, we can supply them on time. We are a manufacturer with in-house heat-treating to ensure quality and we constantly test to meet ASTM specifications. We also keep extensive, completely traceable data to document that your bolts are on spec and proven quality. Tell us what you need and we’ll get your order going. Dan-Loc Group products are on most customer Approved Manufactures Lists.

Dan-Loc Group is the largest manufacturer of B7M and L7M modified stud bolts in the U.S., and our goal is always consistent quality. Our continuous feed furnace allows us to produce bolts within tighter tolerances than required by ASTM.

Where hydrogen embrittlement is a concern, our modified stud bolts are stocked in a range of sizes or can be manufactured to your needs.


Modified Stud Bolts

• Modifying stud bolts prevents against hydrogen embrittlement that causes dangerous cracks and failures
• All modified B7M and L7M stud bolts are 100% hardness tested per ASTM A193 and A320 specifications
• All modified nuts are Rockwell hardness tested
• L7M studs are Charpy tested to ASTM A320 specifications

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